Wednesday, October 8, 2014


My life is sweet but sweetest with you,
My heart is lovely but loveliest with you,
I see myself so great, but greatest with you,
Forever and ever it is me and you.

Good Morning my lovely sweetheart

Loving you with all my might come easy. Awake am I for your love all day, no dizzier. How this makes me feel, oh yeah tipsy! I love you. Good Morning.

* * * * *

Of all life's pain, you have become the best of soothing relief. You are the awesome rhythm/beat my life wants to dance to all my life.

good morning

I am no more afraid of tears because you've got the magical wiping hand. Sadness can't stay in my life again since you became my happiness.

* * * * *

We have come this far that it’s not worth looking back again. I am with you my love, come what may. Good morning, have a great day ahead.

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Have a Beary Good Morning!

Good Morning My Sweet Love!

* * * * *

My best of mornings come with a Cuddling warmth from you, whether you're here or not doesn't matter, as long as you are in my heart. Good morning.

* * * * *

Wake up sweetheart! Good morning, I love you!
You are my sweetest dream come true. Good Morning. 

M"ind touching"
E"ffect which wins the hearts...
Yes... It's your sweet smile so keep smiling always, good morning!
* * * * *

Did you feel a little warm in the morning?
I sent you a couple of hugs in my thoughts! Good Morning my Sweet!

* * * * *

its a lovely sweet morning becoz i met you last night bring my heart closer to yours and i wake up with a smile Good morning sweetheart

* * * * *
My pillow hates you because it knows that I would trade it for your warm shoulder any day. Good morning.

* * * * *

 I wish I could say this to you, face to face. I wish I was right there beside you, at your place. I wish I could look deep into, your romantic gaze. I wish we were together right now, to embrace our love’s blaze. Good morning.

* * * * *

The warmth of every single ray of the sunshine reminds me that I was meant to be loved by you. Good morning

* * * * *

I was smiling all night long, because I was dreaming about you. This morning too, is drenched with our love’s dreamy hues. Good morning.

* * * * * 

Some girls just dream about having a handsome and a caring boyfriend. I dream about it too… but the difference is that I am living my dream every single day. Good morning.

* * * * *
* * * * *

A good message, for a good friend, from a good person, for a good reason, on a good day, in a good mood, to say Good Morning!

* * * * *

I wish I was an owl. So that I could sleep away in the morning and sing & party all night long! But alas, I’m human. Good morning to you.

* * * * * 


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